COVID-19 Statement

Here at Axed Global the safety and security of our customers is paramount. We have implemented a series of new procedures and practices to help the national effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These procedures and practices are there to keep our customers and staff safe while in our venues. There are some things that we ask you to do, in order to help us reduce risk so we can work together to make our venues as safe as possible. this document is separated out into 4 sections:

  • What we ask you to do
  • What we will do
  • Data & Track and Trace
  • Terms & Conditions

What we ask you to do

There is a series of procedures we ask you to follow when attending one of our venues in order to keep the environment safe for both customers and staff.

  • Please wear a face covering in all communal areas beginning when you enter the premises. These include (but are not exhaustive of) bathrooms, bar areas, customer areas, waiting areas or any other space if it is not indicated you can remove your mask. You are allowed to remove your mask when you enter the throwing zone on an axe lane to physically participate in the activity, but must replace your mask when returning to the customer area.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided at entrances/exists, bars and in axe lanes.
  • Stay within the clearly marked zones. Floor markings will indicate where you are and are not permitted to enter and stand. In order to maintain social distancing, please follow these markings.
  • Follow instructions and guidance from staff members at your venue – there may well be additional precautions and procedures you are require to follow on a site by site basis. Please follow all instructions while at the site including those on signage or verbally communicated.
  • Please dispose of any rubbish you may accumulate during your visit. Suitable rubbish disposal will be provided at each site, please use the receptacles provided to reduce staff members risk of contamination.
  • We encourage you to follow government guidelines on social bubbles and mixing with people from other households. Some sites may have capacity to accomodate more than one social bubble sharing a lane. Please check with the site you are visiting before booking.
  • We will only accept pre-arranged bookings. Please note we are temporarily not accepting walk-in trade so please book and confirm your slots online via the venue website before arriving.
  • Please arrive for your slot no earlier than 15minutes before your start time. We have planned staggered entry times to help maintain social distancing. If you need to change your time please contact the venue directly to arrange this.
  • Please use contactless payments where possible.

What we will do

There is a series of procedures and practices that are being carried out by Axed Global sites in response to COVID-19 in order to maintain safe envrionments for both customers and staff. These include (but not exhaustive of):

  • Increased cleaning schedules. Areas that are used frequently and common touch points will have an increased level of cleaning with appropriate antibacterial or disinfectant products. These will differ from site to site and will be identified by higher management. Areas such as bars, door handles and toilets will be checked on a regular basis to ensure cleaning is at a sufficient level.
  • PPE may be worn by our staff members to protect themselves and customers. They may wear face coverings, visors, gloves or any other PPE they feel is appropriate. Please respect their right to do so and do not ask them to remove it.
  • All axes will be fully sanitised before your group arrives. You will not share your axes with any other lane, however you will share with others in your booking. If you require more than one set of axes to accommodate different social bubbles you must agree this prior to your arrival with site management.
  • We have limited availability with staggered entry times to help maintain social distancing. This reduces the risk of multiple groups arriving at any one time. This also helps to have less staff in the building further reducing the risks of COVID-19 exposure.
  • We have removed the ability to share your lane with other customers that are not part of your booking. They will still be called ‘Social Lanes’ but you will only share your lane with the people included in your booking and no one else.

Data & Track and Trace

In accordance with our privacy policy we keep any data you provide to us safe. If we are contacted by NHS Track and Trace services we are obligated to provide the following information:

  • Names, or a ‘lead member’ in the case of a group
  • Contact phone number of customer or ‘lead member’
  • Data of visit
  • Arrival and departure times

This is the only information that will be passed to the NHS Track and Trace service and all other data collected will remain with us. This data will be provided by us to the service, the service will not be granted access to our data collection.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are exempt from wearing a face covering or shield please let us know in advance of your booking.
  • Axed Global is always monitoring the official government and industry guidance. We reserve the right to change this document at any time.
  • All operations at Axed Global sites have been fully risk assessed. If you need to see a copy of this please make a request in writing to a specific venue.
  • There may be additional procedures at Axed sites depending on the physical venue, layout, staff requirment etc and if additional companies are located in the same building. Please refer to the confirmation emails from your booked venue to see if there are any additional procedures that may affect you.
  • This statement does not change any of the terms in our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy.