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First things to think about if you want to open your own axe throwing venue

Axed Global has put together this list of the first things you need to think about if you want to open your own axe throwing venue. This post isn’t not an exhaustive list but it gives a good overview of where to start if you are thinking about opening your own axe throwing club or business.

Where do I start?

You might think starting your own axe throwing venue is as simple as making some targets, buying some axes and getting the word out. Taking your axe throwing business from a backyard setup to a profitable venue with customers regularly checking in to chuck axes and sink steel requires a few other things to think about.

Where to start when thinking about opening your own axe throwing venue

  • Getting your venue right
  • Planning your lanes
  • Managing your business back of house
  • Health and Safety
  • Games, competitions and activities

Axed Global talks you through each of these points in a little more detail.

(This article may only be applicable to UK based axe throwing venues)


Ask yourself this – what kind of an axe throwing venue do you want to open? The two key aspects of choosing the right property are the location and building type. Are you thinking city centre basement vibes? How about an out-of-town barn or warehouse conversion?

Before you start looking for a venue, you need to think about how much time, money and effort you are willing to put in to get it ready for opening. Decide how many axe throwing lanes you want and any other facilities that might be needed. If you don’t want a complex build, look for venues that include bathroom facilities, and an office/storage room already there. Don’t forget about accessibility, you will need either good transport links or on-site parking to make sure people can find you and stay for an axe throwing session. That warehouse in a farmer’s field might seem like a good deal, but if your customers can only access it by tractor, it’s probably a bad move.

A great advantage of opening your axe throwing venue as an Axed Global franchise is the help and advice you get along the way. We help assist your initial search and give you the specific criteria your venue needs so you know the right places to look. The most important benefit of owning an Axed Global franchise venue is that you have access to exclusive territories, meaning there will be no competing Axed Global axe throwing venues in your area.

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This is probably the most important thing to put time and effort into when thinking about opening your own axe throwing venue! There are so many options when it comes to building your axe throwing lanes and it is so important that you choose the right type for your business and venue. Some things to consider are;

  • The size and length of your lanes
  • What type of target you should use?
  • What materials to use for durability
  • Should they be single or double lanes?

The most important thing to consider all the way through this process is the safety and durability of the axe throwing lanes. In the UK it’s likely you will be subject to a review by Health & Safety department in your local area. We know that axe throwing isn’t dangerous when it’s done properly, and you will have to show them you have put enough measures in place to make sure it is safe.

When you open your axe throwing venue with Axed Global, we have this all covered. Our lanes are designed with safety in mind, with multiple features to reduce risk and improve customer experience. Our franchises get access to risk assessments, advice and designs which cover all your bases. Axed Global also have the only interactive game system in the UK and as a franchisee you get access to this exclusive target management and games management system, giving you an edge over your competitors.


When opening up your axe throwing business there is a whole host of behind-the-scenes systems and processes that need to ironed out before you get up and running. The top 5 things to think about are;

  1. Supplies and tools – finding the right suppliers for axes, wood, building materials and anything else integral to your operation.
  2. Systems and management – What booking system should you use, how will you manage your back of house and don’t forget about managing your finances.
  3. Legal documents – make sure you have tight legally required documentation such as terms and conditions, waivers and appropriate insurance.
  4. Website, marketing and branding – Start with a website and think about how people will find you to book their axe throwing lane.
  5. Paperwork – it might be boring, but you will need to log employees, training, finance, health and safety and a whole host of other things to keep a record of.

Here is the good news, Axed Global has this already sorted. All of this and so much more are included in the exclusive benefits you get access to when you open a franchise axe throwing venue with us. That means exclusive supply chains, ready-to-go booking system and website, branding and marketing training and assets, and all your back of house paperwork. Not only that but an expert network of people who can help you with ongoing support and business development. It’s a no brainer.


This subject is worth mentioning in its own section, simply because it is so important. Those in the industry know that when it’s done properly with the correct coaching, environment and risk management, axe throwing is no more dangerous than 10 pin bowling. But you need to make sure all three of those elements are embedded into every part of your axe throwing business.

For Axed Global, safety is one of our guiding principles. Our franchises benefit from lots of safety features in our packages to make sure all bases are covered. From lane design with features designed to make axe throwing safe, expert training for your employees, risk assessed operations and revolutionary target management systems with safety as a core principle. Not only that but you have a national franchise behind you, keeping you up to date with new regulations and supporting you through any issues you might need to address.


Now the fun bit. You need to devise engaging and fun axe throwing games to keep your customers occupied during their session! Opening an axe throwing venue and just letting people free throw at a target gets boring quickly so you need to create some variety by encouraging competition.

The type of target and lanes you use may well determine what types of games and competitions you can play. If you have a double lane structure then it lends itself to competitive activities as the customers on the lanes can see each other’s successes and fails and will naturally interact with one another, therefore team games are a must. If you have single lanes it’s much more focused, as they aren’t impacted by the people playing next door. This structure lends itself to one-on-one competitions and games where each player is playing for themselves.

Axed Global franchises benefit from exclusive, revolutionary, interactive lanes with full game management systems. This gives an excellent variety of activities, games and competitions that suit different group sizes. From couples on date night, families spending some quality time all the way up to stag night groups and corporate teams. Our unique interactive game management system brings your axe throwing lanes to life for everyone that walks in the door.

This post gives starting points that need to think about when opening your own axe throwing venue. It’s no secret that we think opening an Axed Global franchise is a great way to do that.

We have several ways you can join the franchise including opening your own venue, converting your existing operation to an Axed Global franchise or adding the Axed Global axe throwing operation to your existing business as a bolt-on. If you want to know more about how to join the Axed Global franchise and open your own axe throwing venue, then visit our Franchise page. Register your interest using our contact form and one of the team will be in touch with you.


(Disclaimer: This article may only be applicable in the UK. Axed Global currently only offers franchise opportunities in the UK and certain sections of this article refer to UK regulations.)

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