Welcome to the rebellion

Axe throwing puts you on the path to rebellion. Swinging 1.25lbs of forged steel at a 4ft timber target melts away real life stresses, gets the adrenaline pumping and gears you up for mental and physical success. Exercise skill and precision as you focus on a one or two handed throw & split the timber as it sinks into the target landing slap bang in the centre of the bullseye.

Be a part of something

Join the tribe of axe throwers who reject normality and seek out difference. Everyone is welcome at Axed Global venues, our community stretches from first timers to experienced axe enthusiasts. Surround yourself with likeminded people, start something new and join the club. Our fully trained instructors give full guidance on how to throw an axe, they’ll make it look easy, being that smooth comes with practice.

Don’t wait to have fun

You do what you want, when you want. Who needs to wait till the weekend to let off some steam? Escape the 9-5 with weekday and evening lanes available, or make the most of your weekend with a peak session. Anyone 10+ years can throw meaning you can bring the whole family! Mix up your schedule with an after work session, have a Sunday chuckabout or book anytime that fits in with you.

Reject normality

Axe throwing is about saying no to normal life. our interactive smart lanes give you an opportunity to settle a score, turning that playtime into some healthy competition. Your session gives you the freedom to decide how you fill your time. With our instructors on hand to keep you on track, some cracking tunes to keep you motivated and the freedom to decide how you spend your time, Axed Global venues help you spend your free time better.


All the knowledge you need to wrap your head around axe throwing.

Download the rule book


Got a score to settle? Plan your battle in ahead of time.

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